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Non-Professional Gastronome (Amateur) Membership Benefits Include:

     • A worldwide network of professional and non-professional members.
     • Attendance at extraordinary dinners in your community, region, country and throughout the world.
     • Opportunities to interact with renowned chefs and vintners who are members of the Chaîne.
     • Gourmet travel offerings both at home and abroad.
     • Subscription to national and international Chaîne magazines.
     • Opportunity to join Société Mondiale du Vin to promote the enjoyment, education and understanding of fine wines and   crafted beverages.
     • Recognition as a member in Paris.
     • Opportunity to represent the U.S. Chaîne as an ambassador of goodwill around the world.
     • For hospitality professionals, a listing on the Palm Beach Chaîne & U.S. Chaîne websites and attractive logo plaque to       display at restaurant, winery or hotel. 

There are two types of membership:

Professional Member: classified as a member who owns or works in either a hotel or restaurant, such as Hotel Owner, General Manager or Chef.
Non-Professional Member: classified as an amateur member who does not own or work in a hotel or restaurant. All other professions and business sectors fall into this member category.

Benefits of Membership:

When you join the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, you are joining an international organization that allows you to attend events all over the world. When you travel within the United States, just contact the local bailliage (chapter) to find out about events they might be holding, or what restaurants they recommend. As a member you also have the opportunity to be part of the Ambassador Corps. When traveling abroad, you only have to let the Corps know when and where you will be traveling, and they will get you in touch with the local bailliage overseas. There is no better way to get to know the local culture of a foreign country than through dining with the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs abroad!